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Technology Research Unit and Education Development (TRUED)

Technology Research Unit and Education Development (TRUED) is part of CNDC. Its vision is to engage with educational and research processes within AASTMT. The role is to provide resources and experience to assist in AAST research and education activities. The goals are :

  • Building firm computing infrastructure for research purposes.
  • Providing required H/W and S/W resources for:
    - Academic research projects.
    - Undergraduate’s projects.
    - Participate in R&D projects for external entities.
  • Providing required and rare expertise in various fields including; network, system, development and security areas to:
    - Academic research projects.
    - Undergraduate projects.
    - Providing training and education for professional certificates.
What we provide:
  • High performance computing and high bandwidth networking resources.
  • Domain knowledge experts and consultation in various fields.
  • Seamless user access to AAST services and custom academic applications and services.
  • Increasing usability to AAST resources.
  • Efficient resources utilization as software and hardware.
  • Professional level support.
  • Granted service level agreement (SLA) to provided services.
For further information and your feedback, kindly fill in the form at Contacts . Or make a call to Ahmed Said (ext: 1918)