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AAST Mail Creation

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  1. From AAST Website ,Go to Faculty & Staff then staff portal.

  2. Login to your staff portal.

  3. Search for the widget "إنشاء بريد إلكتروني جديد"

  4. Make sure that HRID and Name are correct in fields HR ID and Name.

  5. Fill in your desired email in field "Mohamed", and then click on Check Validity.
    Note : The email you enter "Mohamed" will be your login name

  6. After clicking check validity you must get "Email is available" in green.

  7. Fill in fields from 5 to 9. you shouldn't get any messages.

  8. Finally click the save button.

  9. Wait for the next page to be loaded, and notice the result. Notice the 2 right signs. It means everything is OK, and your AAST email has been created.

  10. Login to your email from AAST website.

  11. Note : Use your login name entered previously in step number 5 "Mohamed"

To view email features Click here